8 Marketing Ideas for Displaying Sarongs
March 14, 2021

8 Marketing Ideas for Displaying Sarongs

8 Ideas for Displaying Sarongs

The sarong (also known as a pareo) is an iconic beach coverup that can be styled as a skirt, dress or top, depending on how it’s wrapped and tied around the body. Consisting of a seamless piece of lightweight fabric decorated with colorful tie-dye and other designs, a sarong can be styled in a wide variety of ways with very little effort. It can even be used as an impromptu beach towel.

One of the things that makes sarongs so popular for travel and the beach is the way they can be folded small and tucked into a purse or backpack—but that’s not the best way to display them for sale. Colorful tie-dye and print sarongs can be hung or draped to allow their floaty fabric and intricate designs to be seen, touched and enjoyed. Besides increasing sales, a display of sarongs can be used to create an inviting mood or to brighten up a retail space.

New Uses for the Versatile Sarong

When the weather cools, many people use this versatile garment as a decorative item in the home. You can borrow home décor ideas to create attractive store displays and inspire customers with new uses for sarongs.

Here are eight ideas for displaying sarongs in a shop or home:

  1. Drape a sarong over a curtain rod in front of a window for a stained glass effect, or artfully wrap it to serve as a scarf valance.
  2. Hide closets, shelves and other storage spaces behind a hanging sarong. What was once a cluttered corner can become an eye-catching focal point.
  3. Display a sarong on the wall like a tapestry. An affordable sarong is an inexpensive replacement for more expensive wall art that still makes a strong statement.
  4. Use a wall mounted or free standing hat rack to display a collection of colorful sarongs that invite customers to touch and try on.
  5. Brighten a room or store display by placing a sarong across the back of a sofa or chair like a throw blanket.
  6. Create a boho vibe in the bedroom by using a sarong as a bedspread or hanging one above the bed in place of a headboard. Surround a bed with sarongs by hanging them from a canopy frame.
  7. Use a sarong as a table cloth. For more visual appeal, fold a coordinating sarong and place it in the middle as a table runner.
  8. Add privacy to any space, including retail dressing rooms, by hanging one or more sarongs in place of a door.

Because sarongs are made from lightweight fabric, they can be hung on a wall with minimal damage. Push pins are often all you need for displaying sarongs, so there’s no need to worry about doing permanent damage to either the wall or the sarong with nails. Connect sarongs together for display with fabric clips or safety pins.


Colorful Displays of Pattern and Color

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the look of your environment is to change the color or pattern of the walls and curtains. By displaying sarongs on the wall or hanging them in front of windows, you can introduce a new color or design theme. For example, you could create a serene retreat with tropical prints in soft colors, or create your own safari with animal prints. Since it’s only temporary, the look can be easily changed by switching out the sarongs when you want something new.

Peaceful People Wholesale Sarong Supplier

Visit to find your wholesale sarong supplier specializing in tie-dye, batik and print designs in a rainbow of colors. Our large variety of pareo prints include floral, Celtic, Hawaiian and animal—all of which make for stunning store displays. Check out our collection of affordable wholesale pareos and sarongs as well as wholesale tie-dye and patchwork clothing. We also offer white clothing.

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Wide Variety of Sundress Styles
March 07, 2021

Wide Variety of Sundress Styles

Sundress Collection

  When it comes to warm weather style, nothing tops a simple sundress. Depending on the silhouette, a sundress can be fun and flirty, casually chic or elegant enough for a night on the town. As a leading wholesale sundress supplier, Peaceful People has one of the widest selections of sundresses, including beach coverups, sarongs and both long and short dresses. You’ll find all the iconic summer styles that customers want in our affordable collection of wholesale sundresses.

Wide Variety of Sundress Styles

Who doesn’t love the effortless, feminine style of a sundress with a fitted bodice and flowing skirt? Some of our most popular sundress styles are fitted on top with rows of elastic smocking and adjustable spaghetti straps. We also have a strapless version that can be worn as either a sundress or skirt. Our smocked sundress styles include long and short versions with both straight and asymmetrical handkerchief hems.

Our numerous parachute dresses offer the ultimate in comfort, with loose folds of fabric falling from a halter top with spaghetti straps. The flamenco style sundress makes a more dramatic statement, with ruffles on the sleeveless bodice and asymmetrical hemline. For customers who like a bit more coverage, we have many tank sundresses with a smocked tank top that covers the chest and shoulders. Our short sleeve sundresses have a peasant look with a smocked waist and short gathered sleeves.

Many of our women’s wholesale sundresses are also available in girls’ sizes. We also carry some sundress styles just for girls, including a straight shift style and a simpler version of the women’s flamenco-style sundress. We also have girls’ sundresses with tiers of ruffles on the skirt and other fun details.

Tie-Dye, Patchwork and Print Designs

As a leading wholesale sundress supplier, we know that the fabric a sundress is made from is just as important as the style. Lightweight fabrics are the top choice, which is why our sundresses are made from 100% rayon, a cool and comfortable fabric derived from natural materials. Rayon is perfect for sundresses because it drapes beautifully yet is breathable and highly absorbent.

A bright vibrant design makes any sundress special. Tie-dye is an ancient fabric treatment that’s currently having a surge in popularity. Our wholesale tie-dye sundresses are bold, bright and eye-catching; they feature rainbow spiral, starburst, ombré and other popular tie-dye designs. Each of our tie-dye sundresses is a unique artistic expression of color and shape.

We also have a variety of print sundresses, including tropical, floral, mandala, Celtic and batik. Many of our print and tie-dye sundresses are made from our 100% rayon sarongs. For true boho style, we also have a large variety of patchwork sundresses made from a colorful mix of rayon prints.

Wholesale Dress Blanks for Fabric Tie-Dye Artists

You’ll find many of our sundress styles are available in white rayon. Many customers will find a basic white sundress appealing, but there is also a demand for these ‘blanks’ from tie-dye artists who use them as canvasses for their designs. New, white dyeable clothing items are popular because they’re easier to dye and sell than used clothing. With a white sundress, the tie-dye design can be placed to complement the shape of the garment.

Peaceful People Wholesale Beach Clothes has been a leading wholesale supplier of colorful beach, festival and resort clothing since 1995. Besides sundresses, we offer sarongs, skirts, tops and accessories like scarves, headbands and bags. Our one-of-a-kind fabrics and comfortable, feminine styles are appealing to customers of all ages and sizes, while tie-dye artists are inspired by the possibilities presented by our selection of dyeable blanks. Besides tie-dye, we offer an affordable selection of wholesale patchwork clothing that appeals to the bohemian spirit.

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Tie-Dye Sarongs
February 28, 2021

Tie-Dye Sarongs

Tie-Dye Sarongs


A sarong is one of those must-have garments for summertime fun. Always top sellers among wholesale beach wraps, this collection of tie-dye sarongs from Peaceful People offers a rainbow of bright hues that make a dramatic statement in any setting. Made from 100% rayon with fringed ends, our affordable sarong features a unique star burst tie-dye pattern in vibrant coordinating combinations of red, blue, yellow, green, pink and purple.

The sarong, also called known as pareo, is a popular clothing item in tropical countries throughout the world. Made from a single length of woven cloth, it’s an incredibly versatile garment that can be wrapped and tied around the body to create a wide variety of styles. Travelers love how easily a sarong rolls up and tucks into a suitcase or backpack. It takes the place of several garments and can even be used as a beach towel or thrown over the shoulders as shawl.

Ways to Style a Sarong

Wholesale tie-dye sarongs like these are always popular when worn as a long skirt. One of the easiest ways to turn a sarong into a skirt is to wrap it around the lower body and tie the ends at the waist. It’s often worn this way as a swimsuit cover-up, sometimes with a slit in the front or at the side. A sarong can also be worn with a tee-shirt, sweater or blouse layered on top.

For a flirty look, fold the sarong in half into a triangle shape, wrap the longest edge around the hips and tie the two ends in a knot over the hip. The resulting short skirt with side slit is often worn to the beach over a bikini or one-piece. Instead of fastening the sarong with a knot, sarong clips are a stylish alternative. These accessories, which are typically carved from thin wood or coconut shell, consist of a disc with two holes for passing through two corners of the sarong. Many sarong clips are carved to resemble fish, turtles, flowers or other tropical items.

A sarong can be used as a cute halter dress by crossing two ends across the chest and tying them at the back of the neck. Pair this style with flip flops for a casual beach look or dress it up with heels and accessorize with an eye-catching necklace for an evening out. For a more revealing style, wrap the sarong from the back under the arms and tie it at the front, letting it flutter open to reveal a bathing suit or shorts beneath.

Using Sarongs in the Home

When the weather turns cooler, bright sarongs can be used to bring a bit of summer into the home. Drape a sarong over a window as a simple curtain or hang it on a wall like a tapestry. A sarong also makes a unique table cloth or furniture cover. Be sure to let your customers know that they can use an affordable sarong in so many ways beyond the beach and encourage them to take home more than one of these unique designs.

Popularity of Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is a traditional art form that’s been practiced in Indonesia, China, India, Japan and other countries for hundreds of years. Bohemian culture embraced tie-dye in the 1960s and it’s been hugely popular ever since. 2021 has seen a spike in interest in tie-dye clothing, along with a desire for all types of hand-crafted fashion. These eye-catching tie-dye sarongs are right on trend.

Wholesale Sarong and Pareo Supplier

Peaceful People is a leading source for wholesale beach wraps and other clothing featuring starburst, circle and spiral tie-dye designs. Customers love our tie-dye clothing because each article is a unique piece of art. We offer an entire collection of wholesale tie-dye sarongs and pareos made from lightweight rayon that wraps beautifully around the body. We also sell plain white sarongs for decoration by tie-dyers and fabric artists.

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Displaying Sarongs: Creative Model or Mannequin Ideas
February 21, 2021

Displaying Sarongs: Creative Model or Mannequin Ideas

If you've been trying to determine the best way to display sarongs from a quality wholesale sarong supplier, you may be surprised by how many options you have. These versatile products can be displayed in a wide range of different ways, each of which makes it more likely that you will make a sale. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Displaying Sarongs: Creative Model or Mannequin Ideas

One of the greatest things about sarongs is how versatile they are. If you're not taking advantage of the versatility of a sarong in your model or mannequin displays, you are really missing out on an opportunity. Here's what you need to know to make sure you are making the best of your models and mannequins

Short Dress

Sarongs can be tied sleeveless to create a rippling front that is very appealing as a short dress. It can also be tied around the neck in a couple of different ways, each of which end at the knees for a fun, flirty effect.

Long Dress

Long dress styles end with the sarong at about mid-calf. This style creates a fairly tight fit that emphasizes curves. You can also pair it with a belt to give it a more polished look.

As a Skirt

By doubling the sarong over, you can use it as a short skirt. It can be very effective as a graceful long pencil skirt as well. Pair with a bikini top for a cute beachy look as a partial cover-up or with an attractive collared top for a more mature style.

As a Cover-Up

Sarongs don't have to be the primary garment. They work great to give some privacy and flare to a skimpier dress or a bathing suit.

Try showing off sarongs being used as cover-ups in various ways, including as a shawl, wraparound, etc. This can be a very playful way to cover up a pair of short shorts or add mystery to a skimpier top.

Displaying Sarongs off the Mannequin

Sarongs are unusual among clothing in that they can be displayed off the mannequin or model as effectively as on. You may find that you significantly increase your sarong sales by displaying them in colorful new ways.

You want your customers to see sarongs as versatile home decorating options as well as a choice in clothing. Here are a few great ideas for displaying your wholesale pareos off the mannequin:

As a Wall Hanging

Displaying sarongs as wall hangings is a great way to bring color to your walls and show off your merchandise. Just hang the sarong anywhere you want an affordable dash of color and decoration.

It's up to you whether you want the sarong to be straight and flat or whether you want some movement and folds in it. In general, sarongs with eye-catching designs work best flat and those with more subtle colors are best with some folds.

As a Surface Covering

Whether you have an eCommerce store and want pictures of your products or you are physically designing your brick-and-mortar, you can show off sarongs as surface coverings. They work especially well draped over end tables. They can even serve as attractive displays for other products.


Draw some casual attention to a sarong and convince a customer to pick it up and feel how soft it is by draping it over items in the store. A few sarongs on a hook by the register can attract attention and prompt a last-minute sale.

Have Fun Displaying Your Wholesale Pareos

Have some fun as you work out how best to display your affordable sarongs. A touch of playful tie-dye or Celtic design can add a lot of flare to a space or a photograph.

Decorate with a theme by using wildlife sarongs or mandala sarongs. When you are trying new things and having fun with your design, you may be amazed by the profits you see.

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White Parachute Dress Tie-Dye Blank
February 14, 2021

White Parachute Dress Tie-Dye Blank

White Parachute Dress


This Parachute Dress flares out softly from a halter top with adjustable spaghetti straps. Beltless and breezy, it’s the perfect style for a beach cover up or sundress. It can be worn with sandals or sneakers for a casual look or dressed up with heels and a statement necklace for an evening out. The lightweight 100% rayon fabric is breathable and cool for hot weather. Besides being super comfy, this flowing dress is flattering for many body types.

Perfect for Custom Tie-Dye

The design of this dress harkens back to the 1960s, a time when the younger generation embraced the freedom of unstructured clothing. There’s always a demand for classic white sundresses, but this style is especially popular when treated with a vibrant tie-dye design. Its nostalgic boho appeal and simple shape make it an ideal canvas for tie-dye. The soft fabric can be easily pleated, twisted, tied and then dyed by tub immersion or squirt bottle to create a unique piece of wearable art. Tie-dye can take this simple sundress from basic to fabulous.

Tie-dye artists frequently purchase wholesale dress blanks (that is, new dyeable clothing), then dye and resell them on their website or in a brick-and-mortar store. Besides dresses, popular wholesale dyeables sold as tie-dye blanks include skirts, tops and accessories like scarves and bags. Basic items can be elevated to another level with tie-dye, reflecting the artistic expression of the creator. Whether single-colored or rainbow hued, the seemingly random patterns formed with tie-dye techniques make a garment or accessory truly unique.

Tie-Dye Appeal

One of the things that makes tie-dye such a popular art form is that the results can be somewhat planned, yet each tie-dye garment is a surprise when unwrapped and rinsed. There are a surprising number of different tie-dye techniques—some centuries old and some developed recently. Spiral and kaleidoscope patterns created with rubber bands are classic, but you can also create abstract patterns using the new ice-dye technique. Another trendy technique is ombré tie-dye, with bands of color graduating from light to dark. Then there’s the traditional Shibori method, which uses folding, string and indigo or dark blue dye to create striking geometric designs. The design options are endless.

Best Fabrics for Tie-Dye

Blanks made from natural fibers are the easiest to dye and generally produce better results than synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon. For tie-dye artists, this means more consistent results with each dye batch. The Parachute Dress makes an excellent tie-dye blank because its material is rayon, a natural fiber made from reprocessed cellulose. Rayon typically absorbs dye well and produces bright colors when dyed correctly.

It’s always important to use dye that’s intended for the type of fabric being dyed. In most cases, fiber reactive dyes can be used for both rayon and cotton. However, some dyes may not automatically work on both. Always check with tie-dye suppliers for dying instructions and purchase the correct dye for the type of fabric being used. Another thing to remember is that rayon, like cotton and linen, will shrink somewhat with initial washing and drying.

Why Wholesale Dyeables Make Sense

For tie-dye artists who sell their creations, using wholesale tie-dye blanks can help lower production costs. This is because the most competitive prices are offered by wholesale suppliers who sell clothing in quantity. Purchasing wholesale dyeables in quantity allows artists to create a variety of unique designs that will appeal to a wider range of customers. Wholesale purchasing also saves time compared to ordering items in small quantities more often.

The Parachute Dress and many other styles of tie-dye blanks are available at, one of the top online tie-dye suppliers. If you prefer a more fitted sundress or one with sleeves, check out their complete collection of wholesale dress blanks. Most of their dyeable blanks are made from 100% rayon and sewn with polyester thread. They also specialize in wholesale patchwork and tie-dyed clothing, including sarongs, dresses, skirts, tops and accessories.

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Why Stock Sarongs/Pareos?
February 09, 2021

Why Stock Sarongs/Pareos?

Sarongs are extremely versatile and can add a lot of value to your customer’s experience. They are inexpensive to buy from a quality wholesale sarong supplier but can turn a great profit for you. Here's what you need to know about choosing wholesale sarongs and how they can benefit your business.

Why Stock Sarongs/Pareos?

It is likely that more of your customers know what a sarong looks like and may consider buying it than actually know the words “Sarong” or “Pareo.” If you're on the fence about whether sarongs are worth stocking, it's worth considering the added benefits that they can provide to your online or brick-and-mortar store:


It is hard to find a garment more versatile than a sarong. They can be worn in dozens of different ways as a primary garment or as a cover-up.

They can also be used as wall decorations, furniture coverings, tablecloths, and more. Such a multi-purpose product can be displayed and marketed in a number of different ways.


A customer may like the style of your store or enjoy strolling through the aisles but be on the fence about actually making a purchase. You can get quality sarongs affordably enough to offer them at inexpensive prices to your customers. Affordable quality sarongs can turn a browser into a customer.

Match Your Store Style

You can choose exactly the right sarongs for your store’s style from a quality wholesale sarong supplier.

  • Does your store have a new age or hippie feel? Tie-dye sarongs or mandala sarongs are right for you.
  • Does your store have a very cool and stylish edge in black and white or mono-color? Celtic sarongs might be just what you need.

Easy to Display

Unlike many garments that need their own mannequin, a sarong can be worn to great effect in combination with other garments or used throughout the store. Toss one over a bathing suit to make both the sarong and bathing suit more appealing to customers. 

Wrap one over a sundress for a playful effect. You can even drape them over tables or other surfaces or hang them from the walls. You'll find all kinds of great ways to display sarongs.

What to Look for in a Wholesale Sarong Supplier

It is essential to choose a quality sarong supplier with a large variety of colors and designs. It is also important to choose the most affordable quality options available to capitalize on profit. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you choose a wholesale sarong supplier:

  • Variety. You may find that different sarong patterns are selling better than what you expected. Make sure that the supplier you choose offers a huge variety so that you can easily mix up what you offer to your customers.
  • Fringed ends. You may choose a few sarongs that do not have fringed ends, but as a rule, these ends add a glamour that many customers find very appealing.
  • 100% rayon. Rayon provides a good balance between a product that is comfortable, durable and moisture wicking for customers but inexpensive for you. It holds color well, offering deep, rich tones.

How to Display Sarongs

Sarongs can be displayed in as many ways as they can be worn. In fact, they can be displayed in even more ways than they can be worn. Here are just a few options for you to consider:

  • Primary outfit along with some cute sandals and a bag.
  • Pair a sarong with a bikini as a cover-up. Don't forget to toss in sunglasses and a hat for the full beach effect.
  • Hang sarongs on the walls or toss them over surfaces. Put any empty wall space to work for you.
  • Dangle sarongs playfully from hooks or display racks, encouraging customers to pull them down and consider them

Choose a Great Wholesale Sarong Supplier

Sarongs can add a lot to your business, whether you are a brick and mortar or you have an eCommerce store. They come in a huge range of colors and designs. They are extremely versatile in their use and display options. You may be surprised by how many ways the perfect collection of wholesale sarongs can benefit your business.


by Coral

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Alysanne's Patchwork Dress
December 04, 2020

Alysanne's Patchwork Dress

  Alysanne's Patchwork Dresses are an excellent choice whether you are stocking an e-commerce store or a brick-and-mortar. Only two sizes fit most women, so it is less necessary to try them on before purchasing one.

These fun and affordable patchwork dresses can be worn in many different ways by a wide range of women, a feature that can make it a top-selling item if you market it wisely. Here's why you should stock Alysanne's Patchwork Dress and how to market it.

Utilize the Power of Versatility

You probably realize that versatile products offer extra value to your customer. What you may not realize is quite how powerful versatility can be in marketing. If a customer likes the style but is unsure about the price, they can be convinced to buy if offered a versatile product that can be used in more than one way.

A dress that can also double as a long top is perfect for a range of different people, ages, and styles. Here are just a few of the ways that this garment can be worn:

  • A short summer dress. This is the perfect cute summer dress to wear with sandals and a floppy hat.
  • With shorts. For women that want to be more active, this is a great long top to wear over a pair of shorts.
  • Over tights. When there’s a bit of a chill in the air, this is an ideal garment over tights for a comfortable and playful look.

Take Advantage of Versatility in Marketing

Emphasize all of the ways that this great dress can be worn. Try dressing mannequins in each of the above styles or showing models wearing them on your eCommerce site. You want customers to fall in love with just the right look for them.

A Durable Option

When customers are shopping for something playful to wear outdoors, they don't want something they have to baby. This 100% rayon dress from a quality patchwork dress supplier has a classic look but is much more durable and resistant to multiple washing than other materials.

It even does a good job of warding off dirt while it is being worn. As an added benefit, the bright patchwork colors of this dress seem to make stains vanish. This is a great pick for customers who want a dress they can wear around kids or pets without worrying about looking like a mess.

Marketing Durability

Telling customers that this is a durable product that can stand up to washing is great, but it is unlikely to have as much effect as showing them. Take marketing photos that show your customers running, playing, and generally enjoying life in this fun, colorful dress. 

Market care-free living by showing models wearing the dress and laughing as a dog jumps on them or a child spills.

A Youthful Look for Anyone

It can be challenging to find garments that have a youthful look without seeming to try too hard. A patchwork dress is a classic choice that works well throughout the years.

It can easily be adjusted to match a more mature look by adding a collared shirt or sweater or light cover-up over it.

Marketing a Tasteful, Youthful Look

Choose models from a diverse range of ages for marketing photos and show the dress worn with cover-ups and with something underneath. If your business caters to a particular demographic, try emphasizing a look that matches that age group.

Putting it all Together

Alysanne's Patchwork Dress is a superb choice in classic clothing for a wide range of stores. Two sizes accommodate many body types, making this an easy dress to stock even if customers may not be able to try it on. The fun and playful pattern appeals to a wide variety of people and stylishly ties together with accessories.

Whether you are displaying this patchwork dress in a brick and mortar or an e-commerce store, you'll find that displaying all of the different ways it can be worn will appeal to a wide range of customers.

These affordable patchwork dresses let you play with the price you charge consumers and potentially make a great profit. You may be surprised by the price you can set especially if you effectively market that it can be worn in so many different ways. You'll likely find that you want to stock more versatile and attractive patchwork dresses once you see the success you've had with this one.

by Coral

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Patchwork Long Swirl Skirt
November 20, 2020

Patchwork Long Swirl Skirt

Certain garments can lift your mood whenever you put them on. In fact, researchers have found that wearing bright colors and bold prints can actually make the wearer happier. This explains the growing popularity of patchwork clothing like this colorful Patchwork Long Swirl Skirt. The random assembly of fabrics creates a look that’s free spirited, fun and guaranteed to appeal to fans of pattern and color.

Long patchwork skirts are probably the most iconic example of patchwork clothing. The skirt’s fullness is the perfect showcase for a wide variety of fabrics. What woman wouldn’t feel like dancing in this colorful skirt? Bias-cut panels wrap around the body and take twirling to the next level. The shape of the skirt is flattering to every body type and the elastic waist with drawstring provides a flexible, comfy fit., the swirl skirt supplier, uses soft rayon pieces to make this skirt fall gracefully and move with the wearer. Rayon is a lightweight plant-based fabric that resembles washed silk but is easier to care for. Since it’s made from plant material, rayon is breathable and more comfortable for warm weather than polyester, acrylic and other synthetic fabrics. It’s also more durable for patchwork than the gauzy cottons often used for long patchwork skirts.

Free Spirited Patchwork Style

Patchwork has been a boho favorite for quite some time, harkening back to the hippie days of Peace and Love. The vintage look had a rebirth in recent years thanks to music festival fashion going mainstream. The new patchwork trend is also fueled by the growing popularity of hand-crafted clothing. Many people desire clothing that looks like it was made by a real person instead of factory made, cookie-cutter garments that everyone else is wearing.  Those who don’t have sewing skills or time to make their own clothes are happy to buy clothing with a homemade look.

There are endless ways to style a patchwork swirl skirt like this one. Pull it on over a bathing suit for a stylish beach cover up. Wear it with a tee shirt, floppy hat and sandals for a casual summer look. It can be dressed up with high heels and a soft blouse or sweater for an evening out. At home, it’s a comfortable alternative to sweat pants or jeans.

The variety of colors in this long patchwork skirt means it coordinates with a wide range of solid colors; bold dressers can pair it with a plaid or another print. No matter how it’s accessorized, this patchwork swirl skirt will be the centerpiece of any outfit.

Patchwork’s Timeless Appeal

There’s something about patchwork clothing that invokes an instant sense of nostalgia for a simpler time. The traditional art of patchwork quilting has been around for centuries. In America, necessity prompted pioneers to sew together scraps of old clothing to create warm bed covers. Sewing a patchwork quilt was an early form of recycling; it’s still a great way to use leftover fabric scraps and reduce waste.

The current patchwork trend is a reflection of changing consumer attitudes about “fast fashion.” More people are rejecting mass produced clothing that’s worn just a few times before being discarded. Instead, want classic pieces they’ll wear for years. People are looking for customized and handmade styles that reflect their individuality. They want closet treasures they’ll turn to again and again to make them feel good.

Wholesale Patchwork Skirts is a top supplier of wholesale patchwork skirts, along with patchwork dresses, shirts, shorts, pants and bags. The Peaceful People brand is known for fun, affordable hand-crafted clothing. Customers looking for clothes that take them to their happy place will fall in love with the swirl skirt supplier’s collection of short and long patchwork skirts. Each garment is a unique, wearable piece of art that has been hand assembled by craftspeople using traditional sewing techniques. No two items are alike since each features a unique selection of patchwork fabrics.

by Catie W.

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