White Parachute Dress Tie-Dye Blank

White Parachute Dress Tie-Dye Blank

February 14, 2021

White Parachute Dress


This Parachute Dress flares out softly from a halter top with adjustable spaghetti straps. Beltless and breezy, it’s the perfect style for a beach cover up or sundress. It can be worn with sandals or sneakers for a casual look or dressed up with heels and a statement necklace for an evening out. The lightweight 100% rayon fabric is breathable and cool for hot weather. Besides being super comfy, this flowing dress is flattering for many body types.

Perfect for Custom Tie-Dye

The design of this dress harkens back to the 1960s, a time when the younger generation embraced the freedom of unstructured clothing. There’s always a demand for classic white sundresses, but this style is especially popular when treated with a vibrant tie-dye design. Its nostalgic boho appeal and simple shape make it an ideal canvas for tie-dye. The soft fabric can be easily pleated, twisted, tied and then dyed by tub immersion or squirt bottle to create a unique piece of wearable art. Tie-dye can take this simple sundress from basic to fabulous.

Tie-dye artists frequently purchase wholesale dress blanks (that is, new dyeable clothing), then dye and resell them on their website or in a brick-and-mortar store. Besides dresses, popular wholesale dyeables sold as tie-dye blanks include skirts, tops and accessories like scarves and bags. Basic items can be elevated to another level with tie-dye, reflecting the artistic expression of the creator. Whether single-colored or rainbow hued, the seemingly random patterns formed with tie-dye techniques make a garment or accessory truly unique.

Tie-Dye Appeal

One of the things that makes tie-dye such a popular art form is that the results can be somewhat planned, yet each tie-dye garment is a surprise when unwrapped and rinsed. There are a surprising number of different tie-dye techniques—some centuries old and some developed recently. Spiral and kaleidoscope patterns created with rubber bands are classic, but you can also create abstract patterns using the new ice-dye technique. Another trendy technique is ombré tie-dye, with bands of color graduating from light to dark. Then there’s the traditional Shibori method, which uses folding, string and indigo or dark blue dye to create striking geometric designs. The design options are endless.

Best Fabrics for Tie-Dye

Blanks made from natural fibers are the easiest to dye and generally produce better results than synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon. For tie-dye artists, this means more consistent results with each dye batch. The Parachute Dress makes an excellent tie-dye blank because its material is rayon, a natural fiber made from reprocessed cellulose. Rayon typically absorbs dye well and produces bright colors when dyed correctly.

It’s always important to use dye that’s intended for the type of fabric being dyed. In most cases, fiber reactive dyes can be used for both rayon and cotton. However, some dyes may not automatically work on both. Always check with tie-dye suppliers for dying instructions and purchase the correct dye for the type of fabric being used. Another thing to remember is that rayon, like cotton and linen, will shrink somewhat with initial washing and drying.

Why Wholesale Dyeables Make Sense

For tie-dye artists who sell their creations, using wholesale tie-dye blanks can help lower production costs. This is because the most competitive prices are offered by wholesale suppliers who sell clothing in quantity. Purchasing wholesale dyeables in quantity allows artists to create a variety of unique designs that will appeal to a wider range of customers. Wholesale purchasing also saves time compared to ordering items in small quantities more often.

The Parachute Dress and many other styles of tie-dye blanks are available at PeacefulPeople.com, one of the top online tie-dye suppliers. If you prefer a more fitted sundress or one with sleeves, check out their complete collection of wholesale dress blanks. Most of their dyeable blanks are made from 100% rayon and sewn with polyester thread. They also specialize in wholesale patchwork and tie-dyed clothing, including sarongs, dresses, skirts, tops and accessories.

by Catie