If you are having trouble placing your order, maybe this will help:

Problem #1:  You have a lot of DIFFERENT products in your cart and website is slowing down and/or crashing.

Simple Solution:  Place an order with what you have in your cart so far.   Then add the rest to your cart and place another order.  We will sort out any volume or shipping discounts you have coming to you. 

More detail if you want to know:

Cause:  Every time you add something to your shopping cart, Shopify needs to check if all the other items already in your cart are still in stock and do other maintenance things.  Normally this is no problem unless you have a large number (maybe 80+) of different products in your cart.   The problem is not the dollar amount, or the overall # of items you order.  The problem is a lot of different products.

Longer Winded Solution:  If cart is slowing down, just complete the purchase with what you have in the cart so far.  This will send us the first part of your order and clear your cart.  Now you can add more items to your shopping cart without the website struggling.  When we see multiple orders from the same customer, we will put them together and when we pick your order we will apply any volume or shipping discounts you have coming to you.  If you aren't going to submit all these order parts around the same time, just let us know that we should wait for the rest.