8 Marketing Ideas for Displaying Sarongs

8 Marketing Ideas for Displaying Sarongs

March 14, 2021

8 Ideas for Displaying Sarongs

The sarong (also known as a pareo) is an iconic beach coverup that can be styled as a skirt, dress or top, depending on how it’s wrapped and tied around the body. Consisting of a seamless piece of lightweight fabric decorated with colorful tie-dye and other designs, a sarong can be styled in a wide variety of ways with very little effort. It can even be used as an impromptu beach towel.

One of the things that makes sarongs so popular for travel and the beach is the way they can be folded small and tucked into a purse or backpack—but that’s not the best way to display them for sale. Colorful tie-dye and print sarongs can be hung or draped to allow their floaty fabric and intricate designs to be seen, touched and enjoyed. Besides increasing sales, a display of sarongs can be used to create an inviting mood or to brighten up a retail space.

New Uses for the Versatile Sarong

When the weather cools, many people use this versatile garment as a decorative item in the home. You can borrow home décor ideas to create attractive store displays and inspire customers with new uses for sarongs.

Here are eight ideas for displaying sarongs in a shop or home:

  1. Drape a sarong over a curtain rod in front of a window for a stained glass effect, or artfully wrap it to serve as a scarf valance.
  2. Hide closets, shelves and other storage spaces behind a hanging sarong. What was once a cluttered corner can become an eye-catching focal point.
  3. Display a sarong on the wall like a tapestry. An affordable sarong is an inexpensive replacement for more expensive wall art that still makes a strong statement.
  4. Use a wall mounted or free standing hat rack to display a collection of colorful sarongs that invite customers to touch and try on.
  5. Brighten a room or store display by placing a sarong across the back of a sofa or chair like a throw blanket.
  6. Create a boho vibe in the bedroom by using a sarong as a bedspread or hanging one above the bed in place of a headboard. Surround a bed with sarongs by hanging them from a canopy frame.
  7. Use a sarong as a table cloth. For more visual appeal, fold a coordinating sarong and place it in the middle as a table runner.
  8. Add privacy to any space, including retail dressing rooms, by hanging one or more sarongs in place of a door.

Because sarongs are made from lightweight fabric, they can be hung on a wall with minimal damage. Push pins are often all you need for displaying sarongs, so there’s no need to worry about doing permanent damage to either the wall or the sarong with nails. Connect sarongs together for display with fabric clips or safety pins.


Colorful Displays of Pattern and Color

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to change the look of your environment is to change the color or pattern of the walls and curtains. By displaying sarongs on the wall or hanging them in front of windows, you can introduce a new color or design theme. For example, you could create a serene retreat with tropical prints in soft colors, or create your own safari with animal prints. Since it’s only temporary, the look can be easily changed by switching out the sarongs when you want something new.

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by Catie