Wide Variety of Sundress Styles

Wide Variety of Sundress Styles

March 07, 2021

Sundress Collection

  When it comes to warm weather style, nothing tops a simple sundress. Depending on the silhouette, a sundress can be fun and flirty, casually chic or elegant enough for a night on the town. As a leading wholesale sundress supplier, Peaceful People has one of the widest selections of sundresses, including beach coverups, sarongs and both long and short dresses. You’ll find all the iconic summer styles that customers want in our affordable collection of wholesale sundresses.

Wide Variety of Sundress Styles

Who doesn’t love the effortless, feminine style of a sundress with a fitted bodice and flowing skirt? Some of our most popular sundress styles are fitted on top with rows of elastic smocking and adjustable spaghetti straps. We also have a strapless version that can be worn as either a sundress or skirt. Our smocked sundress styles include long and short versions with both straight and asymmetrical handkerchief hems.

Our numerous parachute dresses offer the ultimate in comfort, with loose folds of fabric falling from a halter top with spaghetti straps. The flamenco style sundress makes a more dramatic statement, with ruffles on the sleeveless bodice and asymmetrical hemline. For customers who like a bit more coverage, we have many tank sundresses with a smocked tank top that covers the chest and shoulders. Our short sleeve sundresses have a peasant look with a smocked waist and short gathered sleeves.

Many of our women’s wholesale sundresses are also available in girls’ sizes. We also carry some sundress styles just for girls, including a straight shift style and a simpler version of the women’s flamenco-style sundress. We also have girls’ sundresses with tiers of ruffles on the skirt and other fun details.

Tie-Dye, Patchwork and Print Designs

As a leading wholesale sundress supplier, we know that the fabric a sundress is made from is just as important as the style. Lightweight fabrics are the top choice, which is why our sundresses are made from 100% rayon, a cool and comfortable fabric derived from natural materials. Rayon is perfect for sundresses because it drapes beautifully yet is breathable and highly absorbent.

A bright vibrant design makes any sundress special. Tie-dye is an ancient fabric treatment that’s currently having a surge in popularity. Our wholesale tie-dye sundresses are bold, bright and eye-catching; they feature rainbow spiral, starburst, ombré and other popular tie-dye designs. Each of our tie-dye sundresses is a unique artistic expression of color and shape.

We also have a variety of print sundresses, including tropical, floral, mandala, Celtic and batik. Many of our print and tie-dye sundresses are made from our 100% rayon sarongs. For true boho style, we also have a large variety of patchwork sundresses made from a colorful mix of rayon prints.

Wholesale Dress Blanks for Fabric Tie-Dye Artists

You’ll find many of our sundress styles are available in white rayon. Many customers will find a basic white sundress appealing, but there is also a demand for these ‘blanks’ from tie-dye artists who use them as canvasses for their designs. New, white dyeable clothing items are popular because they’re easier to dye and sell than used clothing. With a white sundress, the tie-dye design can be placed to complement the shape of the garment.

Peaceful People Wholesale Beach Clothes

PeacefulPeople.com has been a leading wholesale supplier of colorful beach, festival and resort clothing since 1995. Besides sundresses, we offer sarongs, skirts, tops and accessories like scarves, headbands and bags. Our one-of-a-kind fabrics and comfortable, feminine styles are appealing to customers of all ages and sizes, while tie-dye artists are inspired by the possibilities presented by our selection of dyeable blanks. Besides tie-dye, we offer an affordable selection of wholesale patchwork clothing that appeals to the bohemian spirit.

by Catie