Tie-Dye Sarongs

Tie-Dye Sarongs

February 28, 2021

Tie-Dye Sarongs


A sarong is one of those must-have garments for summertime fun. Always top sellers among wholesale beach wraps, this collection of tie-dye sarongs from Peaceful People offers a rainbow of bright hues that make a dramatic statement in any setting. Made from 100% rayon with fringed ends, our affordable sarong features a unique star burst tie-dye pattern in vibrant coordinating combinations of red, blue, yellow, green, pink and purple.

The sarong, also called known as pareo, is a popular clothing item in tropical countries throughout the world. Made from a single length of woven cloth, it’s an incredibly versatile garment that can be wrapped and tied around the body to create a wide variety of styles. Travelers love how easily a sarong rolls up and tucks into a suitcase or backpack. It takes the place of several garments and can even be used as a beach towel or thrown over the shoulders as shawl.

Ways to Style a Sarong

Wholesale tie-dye sarongs like these are always popular when worn as a long skirt. One of the easiest ways to turn a sarong into a skirt is to wrap it around the lower body and tie the ends at the waist. It’s often worn this way as a swimsuit cover-up, sometimes with a slit in the front or at the side. A sarong can also be worn with a tee-shirt, sweater or blouse layered on top.

For a flirty look, fold the sarong in half into a triangle shape, wrap the longest edge around the hips and tie the two ends in a knot over the hip. The resulting short skirt with side slit is often worn to the beach over a bikini or one-piece. Instead of fastening the sarong with a knot, sarong clips are a stylish alternative. These accessories, which are typically carved from thin wood or coconut shell, consist of a disc with two holes for passing through two corners of the sarong. Many sarong clips are carved to resemble fish, turtles, flowers or other tropical items.

A sarong can be used as a cute halter dress by crossing two ends across the chest and tying them at the back of the neck. Pair this style with flip flops for a casual beach look or dress it up with heels and accessorize with an eye-catching necklace for an evening out. For a more revealing style, wrap the sarong from the back under the arms and tie it at the front, letting it flutter open to reveal a bathing suit or shorts beneath.

Using Sarongs in the Home

When the weather turns cooler, bright sarongs can be used to bring a bit of summer into the home. Drape a sarong over a window as a simple curtain or hang it on a wall like a tapestry. A sarong also makes a unique table cloth or furniture cover. Be sure to let your customers know that they can use an affordable sarong in so many ways beyond the beach and encourage them to take home more than one of these unique designs.

Popularity of Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is a traditional art form that’s been practiced in Indonesia, China, India, Japan and other countries for hundreds of years. Bohemian culture embraced tie-dye in the 1960s and it’s been hugely popular ever since. 2021 has seen a spike in interest in tie-dye clothing, along with a desire for all types of hand-crafted fashion. These eye-catching tie-dye sarongs are right on trend.

Wholesale Sarong and Pareo Supplier

Peaceful People is a leading source for wholesale beach wraps and other clothing featuring starburst, circle and spiral tie-dye designs. Customers love our tie-dye clothing because each article is a unique piece of art. We offer an entire collection of wholesale tie-dye sarongs and pareos made from lightweight rayon that wraps beautifully around the body. We also sell plain white sarongs for decoration by tie-dyers and fabric artists.

 by Catie