Patchwork Long Swirl Skirt

Patchwork Long Swirl Skirt

November 20, 2020

Certain garments can lift your mood whenever you put them on. In fact, researchers have found that wearing bright colors and bold prints can actually make the wearer happier. This explains the growing popularity of patchwork clothing like this colorful Patchwork Long Swirl Skirt. The random assembly of fabrics creates a look that’s free spirited, fun and guaranteed to appeal to fans of pattern and color.

Long patchwork skirts are probably the most iconic example of patchwork clothing. The skirt’s fullness is the perfect showcase for a wide variety of fabrics. What woman wouldn’t feel like dancing in this colorful skirt? Bias-cut panels wrap around the body and take twirling to the next level. The shape of the skirt is flattering to every body type and the elastic waist with drawstring provides a flexible, comfy fit., the swirl skirt supplier, uses soft rayon pieces to make this skirt fall gracefully and move with the wearer. Rayon is a lightweight plant-based fabric that resembles washed silk but is easier to care for. Since it’s made from plant material, rayon is breathable and more comfortable for warm weather than polyester, acrylic and other synthetic fabrics. It’s also more durable for patchwork than the gauzy cottons often used for long patchwork skirts.

Free Spirited Patchwork Style

Patchwork has been a boho favorite for quite some time, harkening back to the hippie days of Peace and Love. The vintage look had a rebirth in recent years thanks to music festival fashion going mainstream. The new patchwork trend is also fueled by the growing popularity of hand-crafted clothing. Many people desire clothing that looks like it was made by a real person instead of factory made, cookie-cutter garments that everyone else is wearing.  Those who don’t have sewing skills or time to make their own clothes are happy to buy clothing with a homemade look.

There are endless ways to style a patchwork swirl skirt like this one. Pull it on over a bathing suit for a stylish beach cover up. Wear it with a tee shirt, floppy hat and sandals for a casual summer look. It can be dressed up with high heels and a soft blouse or sweater for an evening out. At home, it’s a comfortable alternative to sweat pants or jeans.

The variety of colors in this long patchwork skirt means it coordinates with a wide range of solid colors; bold dressers can pair it with a plaid or another print. No matter how it’s accessorized, this patchwork swirl skirt will be the centerpiece of any outfit.

Patchwork’s Timeless Appeal

There’s something about patchwork clothing that invokes an instant sense of nostalgia for a simpler time. The traditional art of patchwork quilting has been around for centuries. In America, necessity prompted pioneers to sew together scraps of old clothing to create warm bed covers. Sewing a patchwork quilt was an early form of recycling; it’s still a great way to use leftover fabric scraps and reduce waste.

The current patchwork trend is a reflection of changing consumer attitudes about “fast fashion.” More people are rejecting mass produced clothing that’s worn just a few times before being discarded. Instead, want classic pieces they’ll wear for years. People are looking for customized and handmade styles that reflect their individuality. They want closet treasures they’ll turn to again and again to make them feel good.

Wholesale Patchwork Skirts is a top supplier of wholesale patchwork skirts, along with patchwork dresses, shirts, shorts, pants and bags. The Peaceful People brand is known for fun, affordable hand-crafted clothing. Customers looking for clothes that take them to their happy place will fall in love with the swirl skirt supplier’s collection of short and long patchwork skirts. Each garment is a unique, wearable piece of art that has been hand assembled by craftspeople using traditional sewing techniques. No two items are alike since each features a unique selection of patchwork fabrics.

by Catie W.