Premium Print Sarongs

SKU: sa-h6

Wholesale Premium Print Sarongs - Are you looking for bright, tropical print sarongs? Our H6 sarongs include a variety of colorful, tropical images printed on a premium weight rayon fabric. The ends of each sarong are hemmed, making them great to wear, or, sell them as decorative wall hangings or table cloths.
  • 100% Rayon
  • ~73" x 46"
  • Hemmed border
  • Available designs and colors:
    • White background: 2 designs
    • Black background: 1 design
    • White background with solid black border: 1 design
    • Black background with solid white border: 1 design
    • Dark navy background with white border design: 1 design
    • Light blue background with white border design: 1 design