Tips To Carry A Chic Look In A White Dress

Tips To Carry A Chic Look In A White Dress

January 09, 2020

White is the color that has it all - faultless harmony, absolute beauty, and complete elegance. That is why, no matter what, a white dress remains timelessly stylish. Admit it- our wardrobe is always incomplete without a white outfit. But, it stays untouched most of the time because many women see them as the trickiest piece to pull off. And if you are one of those, running out of styling ideas, here we have some trendy ways for carrying a chic look in your monochromatic attire. 

Choose The Right Shade

White is not just one color - there are many shades available in white, especially in wholesale white dresses. Some shades are shinier and brighter - ideal for girls with a darker complexion. Others are ivory and creamy, which are optimal for girls with fairer skin tones. You can also experiment with mixing different shades. 

Test Different Textures

Nowadays, different textures are trending. So, avoid dressing up in the same fabric from head to toe. Make use of mixed fabrics in your dress as per the occasion. Putting a denim or leather jacket over your shoulders is brilliant for an evening party when it's chilly outside. Also, wisely choose your underclothes. Mostly white dresses have more transparency so, opt for nude or white color underclothing.  

Don’t Avoid Loosely-Fit Outfit

Your white dress for summer should be airy and flouncy. Fashion experts say white adds prominence to your specific body parts. To avoid that, opt for flowy and loose wholesale white dresses. 

How to Wear a Tight White Dress

If you’d like to wear a tight white dress, we suggest you use Camouflaging. Use an overcoat of the identical shade. It ideally camouflages the problem areas when you wear a fitted white dress. If it’s a white fitted skirt, marry it with some colorful top like blue or black.

Happy Styling!